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Mammillaria luethyi f. monstruosa hort.


Accepted Scientific Name: Mammillaria luethyi G.S.Hinton
Phytologia 80: 58, fig. 1996

Mammillaria luethyi f. monstruosa Photo by: Agócs György


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Mammillaria luethyi G.S.Hinton
Phytologia 80: 58, fig. 1996
Synonymy: 3

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Mammillaria luethyi group

  • Mammillaria luethyi G.S.Hinton: spines minuscule ca. 80, soft and white, forming a dense, flattened cluster 1-2 mm wide. Stems 1,5 cm across from a fleshy tap root. Distribution: Northern Coahuila.
  • Mammillaria luethyi f. aurata hort.: Mutant completely lacking chlorophyll pigment. The result is a completely yellow plant.
  • Mammillaria luethyi f. monstruosa hort.: forms bumped (or sometime crested) shapes, epidermis yellowish-green, orange-red, or purple-black, areoles large, white, felt-like, new growth purple or greenish.

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