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Ornithogalum narbonense L.
Cent. Pl. II. 15 (1756), nom. cons.

Ornithogalum narbonense Photo by: Amante Darmanin
Southern star of Bethlehem. Armier, Malta. 22-03-2017


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Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Narbonne star-of-Bethlehem, pyramidal star-of-Bethlehem, southern star-of-Bethlehem,
ARABIC ( لعربية ): صاصل ناربوني, نجمة بيت لحم
CATALAN (Català): pipiu blanc, calabruixa, lliri bord, lliri de Sant Pere
FRENCH (Français): ornithogale de Narbonne
GERMAN (Deutsch): Narbonne-Milchstern
HEBREW (עברית): נץ-חלב צרפתי
PERSIAN (فارسی): شیرمرغ فرانسوی
POLISH ( Polski): Śniedek narboński[edytuj]
RUSSIAN (Русский): Птицемлечник нарбоннский
SPANISH (Español): varita de San José, ornitogalo de Narbona, leche de cisne, calabrujas, ajos de lobo, ajo de lobo
SWEDISH (Svenska): Fransk stjärnlök

29109 amante Amante Darmanin
Ornithogalum narbonense, Southern star of Bethlehem. Armier, Malta. 22-03-2017 Photo by: Amante Darmanin
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